What is the Academy?

It is an online membership community for knitters. Tutorials and courses are delivered via an online platform called Teachable and there is a closed Facebook community just for members who have subscribed.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $3 per month and payment is via a direct debit system from your bank. At present Paypal is not an option for recurring monthly subscription payments but this is something that we are actively working to provide in the future. If you are in a country such as the UK where VAT is applicable, this is automatically calculated and added on via the payment system.

Why is it in dollars?

The course can be priced in any currency and it was necessary to pick one which is most likely to work with Paypal in the future. If you are paying in sterling or another currency then the conversion will happen automatically for you. Whilst there may be some fluctuation month to month it is hoped that this will be minimal. There is an option to review this however should the stability of the money markets change.

Is it secure?

Yes, the Teachable site uses SSL encryptation - the same as can be found on most online e-commerce sites. You can view more information on this here.

What do I get for my $3

  • Unlimited access to all of the online course material. You can complete the courses in your own time and revisit them as often as you like. Courses vary in length and are a mixture of text, photographs and short video clips.
  • Exclusive access to a closed Academy Facebook group. This is where most of the community chat happens as well as knit-alongs, yarn swaps and other fun things.
  • Academy members will also receive at least 2 exclusive patterns designed by me each year. These won't be available to non-Academy members and will normally complement the teaching material and courses available on the site.
  • Content is published to the Academy on a rolling basis and will continually be updated and refreshed.

What if I don't like the Academy?

You are free to cancel your membership at any time. From within Teachable you just navigate to your account and select the "Cancel Plan" option.