Word of the month project 2015

Rather than going for a word to inspire me in 2015 I have decided to go with a specific word for each month. A year is a heck of a long time and last year I felt that the word I chose at the beginning of the year didn't really fit later on.
Word of the month:Indulge

So this year I will pick a word each month to give me focus and help to inspire me.
As January can be a cold, bleak month here in the northern hemisphere I have decided to be kind to myself and to indulge a little. Like most people I have grand plans involving getting more sleep, drinking less coffee etc but I can also find ways to indulge myself a little and remember that I deserve to be treated kindly too.
I am using the hash tags #wordofthemonth and #janindulge on Instagram and Twitter and will be posting random images and snippets. I'd love it if you would like to join in too - either here or via social media. And at the end of each month I will randomly select one or two posts to receive a free pattern or too as a thank you for joining in.