Planning for 2017

As the end of the year approaches I often find it handy to take stock of my achievements and the progress I've made through the year. I love to tally up how much of my stash I've used (never as much as I think) and how many projects I've made. I'm not a big one for New Year Resolutions but one thing I like to do is to set myself a few main aims or challenges for the coming year.

Looking back through my journal though I am struck by how many times I say - "I must try that..." or, "I really must have a go at..."

I'm thinking specifically about brioche projects here, as I've been admiring many gorgeous cowls and shawls from afar which use this technique. I am still yet to devote the time to learning it however.

Partly this is due to the fact that I always have a few designs on the needles and often, my personal knitting is my downtime, my "I don't want to think" time. When I have a few moments to spare with needle and yarn in hand it is easy to fall back into the comfortable, the familiar and the comfortable. Just look at the number of Hitchhiker scarves I've churned out this year if you need proof of this.

So, for 2017 my goal is to extend my knitting horizons. To actually take up a few of those challenges that I have been promising myself I will try. Brioche is top of the list but I'd also like to try some new methods of sock construction and beading is something I am still yet to tackle.

With this in mind, I will be setting up a new Facebook group in the next week or two. Specifically aimed at those who want to take their knitting to the next level and set themselves some achievable goals for the coming year. My intention is to pick a theme for myself for each month. You would be more than welcome to join me with that particular challenge or to set one for yourself. The main thing is to publicly declare your intention to try something new and to have a fun and friendly space in which to share your achievements. My hope is that we can create a fun and friendly community of like minded crafters and that we can each learn something from each others creative journeys through 2017.

So, Brioche in January - if you'd like to join me? If you aren't a Facebook person, I will also be running a parallel thread over in my Ravelry group as I would hate for anyone to miss out.

Watch this space for further details of the Facebook group and how to join.