KCBW6: Continental knitting in action

Today I thought I would try something a little different and experiment with filming a very short video. For a few weeks now I have been diligently practising my Continental Knitting after signing up for an online course with the very talented Anniken Allis aka YarnAddictAnni.

As with most new skills she advises that spending 15 minutes a day practising is much more beneficial than doing a 1-hour long stint. So, as well as my drop spindling for 15 mins every day I have also been adding in a little Continental Knitting.

I have been using my go-to travel project - my Arne & Carlos toe-up vanilla socks for this. 
Arne & Carlos Regia yarn

They are on my magic loop needles and I find that once I get set up I can whizz along each needle relatively quickly. I'm still not as fast as when I use my normal method but I feel that I'm getting there.

Today I was in the garden and thought I would try using the Continental technique on the never-ending Mitered Crosses blanket. I am using straight needles for this -  a rare event so it was fun to try it out on a different needle type.

This video is a short clip of how I got on:

PS - If you have the sound turned on, on your device please turn it off. Unless you want to hear the demented blackbird which refused to move from the tree whilst I was filming.