How would you choose...?

...Your 300th Ravelry project

After rediscovering knitting some 7 years ago, and joining Ravelry shortly afterwards I am approaching a significant milestone: The addition of my 300th project.

Not that this means I have 300 completed projects under my belt you understand. A fair number fell by the wayside - victim to the inumerable ways that our knitting life can bite us on the bum: poor gauge, poor yarn choice, yarn/pattern mismatch, general muppetry (mine, of course) - you get the idea.

Once I've made the decision to get rid of a project I sometimes mark it as frogged but more often than not I choose to wipe it out of existance (often in a fit of pique) and delete it from my Ravelry page - hence the reason why there are less than 300 projects proudly proclaiming themselves.

A selection of recent Ravelry knitting projects

Over the years a quick project count reveals 22 projects that declare themselves to be frogged and a roughly equal number which are Hibernating - a polite way of saying they are unlikely to ever see the light of day.

As my thoughts turn to adding my 300th project however I can't help but feel as though this one should be a bit special, something out of the ordinary. Maybe even an epic project. A Magnum Opus as Brenda Dayne of the now, sadly retired, Cast-On podcast once said.

But for now I'd like to turn the question over to you - what would you do? Or, if you have already reached these dizzying heights - what did you do - to celebrate your 300th project?