Weekend Knitting

Is it just me or do you like to have a special project set aside for some quality 'weekend knitting' time? For me, weekend knitting means 'no work knitting' unless I have a deadline looming and I like to pick something from my WIP basket to work on during those long uninterrupted Sunday mornings in bed (OK, I must confess that I have drifled off into fantasy land at this point).

Fantasy weekends aside though, I do find it really helpful to have 1 fun project on the needles that I know I can focus on and make some serious progress on, whenever we are doing family stuff or if we are out and about.

This weekend I will be mostly knitting on my current obsession. It isn't a Find Your Fade - although I love some of the versions I'm seeing. But it is my interpretation of playing with some of the speckled yarns from my stash.

It's quite addictive knitting so far so I'm hoping that this weekend will see some serious speckled growth.