Rookie error

In an alternative world this sock, given the amount of time I've spent on it should be well past the heel by now. One of the pitfalls of designing of course is that a fair amount of ripping out is required from time to time but this time the errors are entirely of my own making.

The intended design is fairly cable heavy with additional twisted stitches and the design is already charted and good to go. All I had to do was knit it.

The first two attempts went wrong when I mis-crossed cables. Apparently I never learnt that knitting late at night with tired eyes and dim lighting could lead to problems. Third time lucky though and I was well on my way down the cuff. Cables were looking good, the stitch definition looked fantastic. Things were going well. 

But wait. I had cast on my standard 64st and totally forgotten to allow for the fact that cables draw the fabric in and make the resulting sock circumference narrower. A good rule of thumb normally is to add half the number of stitches that you need for each cable. So if you have 2 cables which each involve 6 stitches you would need to add 2x3=6 stitches to keep the final circumference the same.

So it was a case of ripping back again, adding in the correct number of stitches and away we go again. This time...I've definitely got it right...