Let's banish winter gloom

Type #knityellowsocks into Instagram ....

Type #knityellowsocks into Instagram ....

I posted an image the other day of a few of my recent finished items which all had green in them and someone made the very apt comment that it showed a longing for Spring. A few of you said the same and it got me wondering about the impact of colour on our mood.

On these darker mornings in the northern hemisphere colour can really have an impact on our mood. I think it might be time to dust off last year's #knityellowsocks initiative. 

February is all about socks anyway over on our Everyday Knitter Facebook group so you could double dip and make your challenge socks in yellow yarn or go wild and knit a second pair.

There's something about working with a bright yellow yarn first thing in the morning to really perk you up - well, that and a strong coffee.