Sunday Knitting

I shudder to think at the number of wasted weekend hours, way back when I was a non-knitter. As a student I would spend ages on the sofa with a pot of tea revising (or rather, watching all the omnibus editions of soap operas). Just think how much knitting I could have been doing.

Every week when I gaily skip out of work on a Friday I think gleefully about all the free time I will have to knit over the coming weekend. And then I realise that no, in fact there is adulting to be done. By the time that I have attended to various domestic chores, distributed the appropriate offspring to the appropriate sporting or social event and then boiled the kettle I find myself with, at best 30 minute chunks of time in which to fling myslef on the sofa and knit like fury.

Still, I am pleased to report that I make the most of the time I have a variety of projects on standby ready to leap into the knitting void at all times. Over the weekend though I do try to pick a particular (ideally relaxing) project to work on. Even though the time I can spend on it is broken up into chunks it is still surprising just how much progress you can make on it. All of those little bursts of knitting can really add up - just as long as I leave my phone alone and avoid Instagram surfing.