The right bind off

If you are knitting toe-up socks achieving the perfect bind off can be a bit of trial and error. You want something stretchy and elastic so that they are comfortable to wear. Not so tight that they cut off your circulation and not so loose that the cuff frills out and is baggy. Frilly cuffs look OK when you are 5 but after that it isn't really a good look.

My personal favourite is the Russian bind off. Super simple and easy to work. Just k2tog, slip that stitch back to your left hand needle and repeat to the end...simples!

The trick is to not pull the stitch too tight as you return it to the left hand needle. Give it a bit of room to manoeuvre and you will find that the cast off edge achieves the perfect balance of stretch and firmness.

As with so many things in knitting there are a wondrous variety of different methods to try. Some swear by Judy's Surprisingly Stretchy bind off and the sewn bind off as recommended by Elizabeth Zimmerman herself also works well. I tend to go for the simplest one which gives good results and for me that is the Russian bind off.

Have a go and see which one works best for you.