Sock yarn scraps

As knitters and more specifically as sock knitters we instinctively hoard our precious, jewel-like scraps of yarn. I don't know about you but I have no problem with merrily chucking a part used ball of dk into the 'charity shop' bag and I don't feel compelled to save oddments of other weights but give me 2g of hand dyed sock yarn and I will treasure it for all eternity.

Partly it's the fact that the vast majority of my sock yarn is hand dyed. Lovingly created with thought and care by fabulous fibre artists. When so much work has gone into the yarn I feel almost duty bound to care for it and make sure it is well looked after.

Currently my sock yarn leftovers are divided into those destined for the sock yarn blanket and those which aren't. Aso I have kept my sock yarn blanket to the more muted end of my stash - with mainly solid and semi solid shades I find myself with an increased large amount of bright self striping leftovers to use up.

I was thinking about starting a more wildly coloured blanket or whether to maybe combine a part skein of self stripe with a neutral grey for stripey socks or fingerless mitts - of which I seem to have absolutely none at the moment.

Either way, if you come across some uses for leftover self stripe yarn for let me know. My stash drawer will be eternally grateful.