How to avoid sock "ears"

Sock toes!!

Sock toes!!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, whether you are doing your socks toe-up or cuff down, you sometimes end up with a little 'ear' or bump of fabric on the side of the toe? Here are a few tips you could try to avoid this happening.

Sock tip #3 How to avoid little sock ears.

Cuff down socks: before you start to graft the toe slip the first stitch on needle 1 over the 2nd, and slip the last stitch on needle 1 over its neighbour. Then repeat on needle 2.

This helps to draw the sock fabric in slightly at the sides and eliminates any excess bulk.

Toe-up socks: It sounds counterintuitive but a tight cast on can make the problem worse. If you are using Judy's magic cast on it is easy to work this quite tightly and this gives the central stitches of the toe very little give - hence the fabric can bulge slightly at the sides.

1. Try casting on with a needle 1 size larger and then switching up to your normal size.

2. Try working a yarn over increase (knit the you through the back loop on the next round). This type of increase can eliminate the slight lump that a Kfb increase can cause.

3. Try increasing on the 1st round after the cast on rather than knitting 1 round plain. This can help to loosen up the cast on slightly and give the stitches a bit more room.

Why not experiment the next time you come to do a sock toe and see how you get on. Alternatively you could decide that who the heck sees your sock toes anyway and go and get some cake instead.

As I've often repeated - There are no knitting police here.