Not all ribbing is created equal

The cuff of the Catbells sock

The cuff of the Catbells sock

When it comes to sock cuffs a bit of experimentation can often help get the perfect rubbed cuff. Obviously you need a firm cuff which isn't too loose and saggy bit it needs to stay put without cutting off your circulation.

Sock tip #6: Try a twisted rib for a better fitting cuff.

Often a ribbed cuff just calls for a K1 P1 rib but I find that can be a bit too floppy unless I go down a needle size. And let's face it, by the time I reach the cuff I usually want the darned thing off my needles as quick as possible. I prefer instead to work a twisted rib - K1tbl, P1. The twisted stitch - whilst I know isn't everyone's favourite - really does add a bit of extra firmness to the cuff whilst keeping it sufficiently stretchy.

I'm not a huge fan of ribbing at the best of times but I can usually manage an inch or two of twisted rib before dashing headlong into the cast off. I think it was Elizabeth Zimmerman who once said that you should work your ribbed sock cuff for 1.5 inches or until you are sick of ribbing. I think she had it just about right.