A square a day...

Today, as the 1st March marks the start of our new challenge over on the Everyday Knitter Facebook group and also a bit of a turning over of a new leaf for me too.

The past few weeks have left me pretty knackered and running on empty and so I've decided to carve out 30 minutes for myself every day. I've removed some of the time wasting apps on my phone and now in that weird half an hour between getting dinner started and sitting down as a family I will be lighting a candle and putting my feet up. Conveniently, 30 minutes is also the amount of time it takes to knit a square on my long-term sock yarn blanket.

This neatly fits in with the #modularmarch challenge - so for 30 minutes every day after school,  shall be unavailable for all but the most urgent of domestic crises. We are talking fire and flood here rather than lost school books. 

The great thing about the challenge is that everyone picks their own level of committtment and works towards a goal of their own. Whether it be a stripe per day on a crochet blanket or a full on "how many squares can I knit in a month" we will be cheering each other on and I daresay getting some inspiration for some future projects too.

If you would like to join just pop over to the Facebook group - we'd love to see you there.