In praise of the unexpected

I can assure you that I'm surprised as you are to see a crochet blanket popping up here. I had absolutely no intention to start one and I certainly didn't wake up yesterday morning with that that in mind. If anything, on my day off yesterday I was sneakily planning to start another Mitered Square sock yarn blanket but this one to be in seasonal 'panels'. A more portable version to use up some of my more colourful sock yarn and one which could come out and about with me.

Then, two things happened. The first was that I managed to twinge my back quite badly - getting out of the car. As a consequence I found myself trying to distract myself from the pain with a bit of pattern surfing and I came across the Spring into Summer crochet pattern. This is a crochet blanket using the 'corner to corner' method of construction. A way of knitting a blanket without the super long and super fiddly foundation row which I detest with a passion and whigh I never fail to rip out at least three times before getting it right.

You just start off at one corner and increase as you go. The pattern I found is beautifully simple and most importantly has good clear pictures. 

My only rule for this blanket is no grey or dark colours. This is going to be light, bright and fun. I might do 1 large square or break it up into 4 square panels - I'll see how I go as the square gets bigger. For now I am just content to work away on my new found obsession.