Tips for a straight-edged sock yarn blanket

Since sharing photos of my sock yarn blanket I had a few questions asking how I was constructing it. Some patterns have you create a baseline strip of squares to start with. This is a good way to do it but it does mean you have to decide on the width of your blanket right at the very start.

Some patterns also have the squares worked in such a way that the edges of the blanket aren't straight - leaving a zig zag appearance. This can look really lovely but it does leave you the dilemma of whether to leave the edge as it is or work a series of 'infill' shapes to straighten things out.

I decided to work my blanket outwards from a corner, turning the 1st square on the diagonal to pick up stitches along the top right side for square 2 and the top left side for square 3. By continuing in this way you end up with a lovely straight edged blanket and you can keep going until the blanket is as large as you like. Or by continuing to work on one side and not the other you can create more of a rectangle than a square.

However you work your blanket though one thing is for certain. It's nothing if not addictive.