Lesson learned

I fully intended to blog every day during our holiday. I really did. But then a funny thing happened. A thing that doesn't happen to me very often. A thing called relaxation. And it was proper relaxation, the kind where you have no idea what day of the week it is, never mind the date. The kind when you struggle to remember what you do for your day job and where you left the spare key for the cat sitter.

As a result daily blogging went out of the window. Also it didn't help that I remembered my laptop but forgot the charger. I did write in my journal most days which I love to do when I have the time but I have to confess that I did miss my daily blogging.

Anyway, here we are. Back home and ready to get back into our routine. Even though part of my mind (and a good part of my heart) is 250 miles north. Many bags need to be unpacked and I need to make contact with my stash again, having had separation anxiety from it. Some knitting occurred during all that holidaying and relaxing I'm pleased to report and now I feel the urge to dust off all my WIPs and make plans to get them finished. Spring startitis is all very well but I want to see some completed projects now. And also, I've run out of 4mm needles.