Monday Motivation

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you will know that I'm a huge fan of a to-do list for helping me to get stuff done. Whilst that's great for the normal chores and business tasks it doesn't help much on the crafting front where my attempts at steely focus are easily distracted by the new, the shiny and the pretty.

What has been working recently though is the Mojo Monday thread over on the Everyday Knitter Facebook group. Every Monday we pick a WIP to make progress on and then on the Friday we show our finished object (FO). I have to say that it is proving to be a great source of motivation for me. Obviously life happens sometimes and plans change. Sometimes knitting has to come second to other life events (shocking but true) but in that case you simply award yourself some consolatory cake and admire the FOs of others.

What really helps is seeing the motivation and enthusiasm of others and there is the gentle accountability of having publicly stated your goals out loud which I find does wonders for your focus and determination.

What helps motivate you? Do let me know. And if you have any spare motivation hanging around please send it my way. This mountain of WIPs isn't going to knit itself.