And breathe


Sitting down at the laptop after a break of almost 2 weeks feels very strange indeed. I made a deliberate decision to leave the laptop at home during our recent travels and I'm so glad that I did. A total break from routine and clear space in which to think was really refreshing. It does mean of course that I have come back with a head fizzing with ideas, with inspiration and with Big Plans. All of which is jumbling around in my head with the usual 'back to school' chaos.

The trick at this time of year I have found is not to get too stuck on trying to do everything. Too many fresh starts and too many new projects on the go can rapidly lead to overwhelm. So I am taking it steadily and yes - making many lists.

During September the thoughts of most knitters turn towards colder months and the all important sweater knitting. I'd like to cast on another sweater (after my recent stash dash successes) and so I was thinking of making the September challenge a sweater related one.

After reading about so many local yarn shops closing I'd like to do a bit more to promote our fabulous indie suppliers this coming month too. I have lots of ideas buzzing around on this one so keep an eye out for more news soon. If I see one more Deramores advert on my Facebook timeline I might just scream and I think the time has definitely come to redress the balance and starting singing the praises of our LYSs, our online independent stockists and our yarnies.

For now though, I'm just going to deal with the school uniform mountain and then reward myself with some stripy sock knitting. Hopefully by the end of the day I can tick off some items from the never ending 'list of doom' and get cracking on some fun knitterly projects instead.