Vernal equinox

The weather today hasn't quite got the memo, as today starts off grey and gloomy but today marks the official 1st day of spring. The Vernal Equinox when night and day are of equal length and from here on in the nights will be getting noticeably shorter.

Extra daylight is always a boon for the busy knitter who wants to actually photograph their knits in something approximating natural light. Even if it does mean crouching in the hallway with the front door wide open trying to get enough light onto your project. Perfectly normal behaviour as far as I'm concerned although I did startle the postman the other week. Fortunately he has delivered enough squishy parcels to be well aware that I'm a knitter and thus, given to activities that non knitters might find be musing. 

I'm fairly certain that being greeted by the sight of me sitting in the open hallway with my feet in the air falls into this category. The knitters amongst us would know instantly that I was attempting to take photos of my finished socks and that the 'feet in the air' technique is a well established means of achieving this. It also helps to have everything abs of steel for this maneuver which I definitely don't. The non knitters might think I had fallen over or be attempting a weird yoga position maybe.

My postman just smiled, said 'Morning love' and deposited the latest squishy parcel on the doorstep.