Half a sock and a hangover

Not a hangover in the alcoholic sense I hasten to add, but rather the kind of good hangover that you get from a really good, really intense and learning packed day. I spent yesterday at my first (not certainly not my last) Blogtacular and today I find myself in full-on introvert recovery mode. Yesterday was amazing on so many levels. Not only did I get to spend time with a most excellent bunch of knitting friends - and as we all know - knitters always manage to have a brilliant time. But I also met some amazing people in the online crafting community, listened to some inspiring and motivational speakers and made some great connections.

Not only that but we managed to also take part in Worldwide Knit in Public Day (not hard, as we do this every day) and also National Gin Day - total win!

There is so much to take in and to process and over the next few days I will certainly be doing just that - in my own, quiet, introverted way.

But for now I'm happy to knit on my half-finished sock which I started yesterday and which kept me company as I listened, chatted and generally soaked up the fabulous Blogtacular vibes. It's genuinely the first and only conference or networking event that I was sorry to see end - normally I am edging for the door after a few hours.

I just know that my brain is buzzing with ideas and things I want to implement but today isn't the day for that. Today is for cuddling with my boys, knitting on my sock and quietly planning world domination through the medium of knitting.

Happy Sunday