A motivational pep talk


Do you ever do that thing of giving your motivation a bit of a pep talk?

Just the cuff of sleeve one to finish and then power down sleeve 2 -and then I can cast on my new autumn stripy sock project. I bought this skein of “Witchy” self-stripe sock yarn from London House Yarns a few weeks ago and I am determined to cast it on while I am still feeling all the autumnal vibes.

Do you ever find yourself lining up the next project as a sort of incentive to crack on and get something finished? As an added incentive I will even wind the yarn and install it ready in it’s project bag along with needles and other notions.

The one thing I can’t do is cast on though. I know what I’m like. One minute it will just be - “Oh, I’ll just start the toe”. The next thing I’ll have a sock and a half knitted - and the sweater will still be sleeveless.