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The Erika Cowl

Erika Cowl1.jpg

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This pattern was designed and released as part of the #titsoutcollective.: An international project spearheaded by the fabulous Countess Ablaze 

She challenged indie dyers and creatives everywhere to come up with a yarn or design which interpreted her iconic “If I Want Exposure I’ll Get My Tits Out” colourway in a way that was unique to them.

Over 300 indie dyers from all over the world are taking part and a number of designers, myself included took up the challenge too.

So, here we have The Erika Cowl - named for Erika Roe the famous female streaker at Twickenham in the 1980s and the first woman I remember seeing triumphantly getting her “Tit’s Out”. I still remember the look of joy and exuberance on her face as she evaded the valiant policeman and I wanted to design something as carefree and fun as that.

The cowl starts off as a traditional shawl, add in a cheeky little join part way through, some garter rows and shaping for interest and you have yourself a fabulous, easy to wear cowl which really allows a special “Tit’s Out” yarn to shine.



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