New Ideas

So, did I finish the Peasy cardigan in time for my sock knitting class?

What do you think? Obviously not. By the Friday evening I had finished the body but still had two sleeves to do - boo. Still, I have done a great chunk of it and I will aim to get it finished in time for my next knitting class in June. Instead of an FO, I will therefore distract you with a photo of my short-listed yarns for my next pattern sample :)

My Toe-Up socks class was great fun on Saturday and five lovely ladies all produced successful  baby socks using the magic loop technique. Coffee and amazing cake (provided by the lovely Shirley aka Swarbrick on Ravelry) helped us on our way and I think that everyone had a good time.

A chance conversation with the amazingly intrepid Kerry (KerryWallis) - who not only tried toe-up magic loop for the first time, but then went on to cast on for two-at-a-time toe-up socks - inspired an idea for a new sock class.

To be called "Further Adventures in Sock Knitting", this class will be designed for those who have knit a few pairs of socks and are looking to expand their sockie horizons further. By exploring different options for heels and toes as well as some more unusual techniques the aim will be to increase confidence and have fun playing with different methods of construction.

So, put a date in your diary for Saturday 2nd August (10am-1pm) and give Sarah at the Sheep Shop a call if you'd like to book.