The wheel came off

In cycling terms, my Tour came to a grinding halt when my almost finished Kam Chu sock met two very enthusiastic kittens.

Yes, it was entirely my own fault

Yes, I had left it lying in plain view of two playful, inquistive balls of fluff, but still, it didn't stop me being a little less than pleased to come home and find this:

 Attempts at painful sock reconstruction were unsuccesful and despite some marathon knitting I didn't complete the project in time. I can still continue with the Tour in other stages but to be honest this one rather knocked the stuffing out of me and although I have attempted the 3rd Stage - with Roll the Bones - my heart wasn't in it. And my tension was way too tight - I wonder why!

They are lovely socks though and I will definitely return to them at a later date.

For now, I did the only sensible thing and cast on for some plain vanilla socks in delicious, good-enough-to-eat yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks - the latest offering from the Golden Skein. The colours remind me of blackberry crumble and custard - just as soothing as a vanilla sock when one is in need of comfort.