Stash Dash - the final tally

This year was the first time I have partcipated in the venerable instituition known as the Stash Dash. Hosted by the KnitGirllls and promoted by many knitting podcasters - I heard about it via The Knitmore Girls - the aims are simple, straightforward and fun.
The goal is to knit 5 km of yarn from your stash. That's it. Simple.
No quibbles about what counts as stash or how long it has to have been there. "If it's in your house it counts as stash".
Projects which have been started before the challenge begins can count, spinning can count, knitting something which has been previously frogged counts, knitting part of a modular item (eg blanket squares). In short, anything that you have knitted on during the challenge period counts. Weavers, crocheters....anything goes.
Given my day job, designing and Pinterest addicition I knew I would be unlikely to achieve the goal, and indeed I didn't disappoint, but I had real fun trying and I did surprise myself with how much I did manage to knit over 400m during the 6-week challenge. Who knew I had that much knitting time? And more, to the point, just think how much more I could achieve if I stopped Pinning quite so much :)
ProjectYardageTo go
Velvet Rose480m4520m
Kittie blanket680m2637
Honey Cowl337m2300
Autumn Crocus486m1814
Fairy Snowcap112m1702