Saltaire - a crafters dream

Events recently conspired to mean that I had to undertake a 500 mile round trip, driving to collect my children from a few days holiday with the grandparents (aka free holiday childcare). Searching for somewhere on the map that fulfilled the remit of less than 3 hours drive for me and had somewhere fun to hang out for lunch I happened upon Saltaire.

My parents moved to near Skipton years ago and have been to Saltaire a lot but to my shame I had never been. Having been now I will certainly be back.

I was so taken with its character and charm. The history of the place is overwhelming and I was thrilled that there was so much open space, with the parkland and canal nearby. To the mill workers who moved out of the industrialised towns around Bradford to live and work there it must have seemed a veritable paradise.

Titus Salt, the indusitrialist who built the town was a firm believer in self improvement and provided ample opportunities for this with art clubs, allotments, music clubs - everything except a pub - he was also a firm teetoller - I guess you can't have everything.

Quite apart from the town itself, the book shop in Salts Mill is well worth a visit in itself. As a crafter it was complete paradise - I have never seen so many craft books in one place. I was quite glad that I arrived early to give myself plenty of quiet browsing time.

 If ever you are in the area I can highly recommend it. Finding a good independent book shop these days is a rare treat and one to be savoured. The coffee and cake in the diner next door is also terrific :)