KCBW6. Day 1: If you were a yarn...

If I were a yarn what type would I be?

After spending way too much time thinking about this I plumped for something I am working with currently - on a WIP freshly out of hibernation.

Shilasdair Luxury DK is a fabulous British yarn. Like me it is robust and practical, yet given to moments of luxury and self indulgent. I am currently knitting a modified Mitered  Crosses blanket in it and I love that the range of beautiful natural-dyed colours take inspiration from the natural world. 

My current favourite is the Uig Sea Green and I can't wait to get onto these squares next.

I am adopting a production line approach at the moment and knitting as many squares as I can get out of 1 skein - usually 5 or 6 and then adding the cream border to them all. All ends must be woven in before the finished squares are allowed into the storage box.