Word of the Month for August - Slow

After much deliberation I have decided to go with the word 'Slow' for my new word of the month.

I am usually the Queen of Multitasking. I love a list as much as the next person and I revel in being able to tackle more than one task at a time. But sometimes this leads to errors, to things half done and a sense of being constantly rushed and harried.
So this month with the boys off school, no homework and few planned activities I am going to take the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the here and now.

In the kitchen - taking the time to read through some of my beautiful but rarely used cook books and plan some new meals.

In my knitting - with the end of Stash Dash in sight I am going to be picking some nice, relaxed knits with Autumn in mind.

With the family - a relaxed walking holiday in the Lake District beckons. A welcome (wi fi free) break and a chance for us all to kick back and enjoy some fun family time.

If any of this strikes a chord with you do leave me a comment below and let me know how you will be taking it slowly this month.