It's been a bit of a busy week or two around these parts. Lots happening and lots of exciting milestones along the way.

It's no secret that I absolutely love Instagram. It's my favourite social media platform (barring Ravelry, obviously) and I love it for it's sense of community and belonging. It is a great way to connect with like minded fellow crafters and I would rather not admit to how many hours I've spent browsing perfect bullet journal spreads, or admiring perfect landscape photographs.

I was thrilled last weekend to realise that I had passed the 4000 followers milestone, without really realising it. There has been much talk about Instagram in recent weeks, and I even did a short blog post about it here. There has been much talk of strategy, of content and engagement. About scheduling your posts to optimise your reach and lots of other advice - some of it really great.

Heaven knows, I'm no social media expert, but it always seems to me that if you use a social media platform as a 'real human being', interact and share experiences with your community then you are naturally going to build up a following along the way. People like to chat with and share experiences with others - it's why most of us are using Instagram after all.

Hoar Frost: an old favourite

Hoar Frost: an old favourite


Anyway, before I disppear off on another IG rant, one of the fun things about this week has been the decision to revisit a few of my older sock patterns and offer each one for a 50% discount - one for each day of the week. I have really enjoyed going through the various projects on Ravelry and seeing how people have interpreted the pattern. I tend to stick to solid or very lightly variegated yarns for my designs but I loved seeing some funkier versions in variegated or even self stripe yarns.

There has been a great response to this and your supportive and encouraging comments have really helped to make my week.


I am also planning to expand my teaching horizons a little and this week saw the announcement that I will be running a sock knitting workshop on July 16th, hosted by Joeli of Joeli Creates. I am really excited by a day of sock knitting fun and even more excited by the chance to visit the after party at Countess Ablaze's studio.