Toe increases - How do you do yours?

I recently shared a tip for toe increases in toe-up socks and there was so much interest in it and general chatter around the whole issue of sock toes that I thought it merited it's own blog post. I'm sure that non-sock knitters would be astounded at the level of interest shown in the humble sock toe, but we of course are enlightened Sock Knitters and thus, appreciate the beauty of a perfectly constructed sock toe.

Toe increases three ways.

Toe increases three ways.


1. kfb Increase*

Usually performed as: Kfb, k until 2st before end, kfb, k1

2. m1r and m1l

Usually performed as k1, m1r, k to 1st before end, m1l, k1.

There is a 3rd way however and this happens to be my personal favourite:

3. yo increase

Usually performed as, k1, yo, k to 1st before end, yo, k1.

On the next (non increase round these yo are worked through the back loop to give a lovely flat finish). I also like this method because it is impossible to get confused as to which round you are on - not even I can miss a glaring yarn over on what should be a plain knit row.

Which do you prefer? If you have only ever used

There are, of course many other toe options such as the asymmetric toe and the short row toe - I'll be taking a closer look at these next week.

*assuming magic loop technique