Preparation is key

So, as it seems that this summer is going to be my summer of 'All the KALs' I have decided that some serious preparation work is required in advance.
I have a number of designs and commissions on the go too so I need to strike a balance between wanting to knit 'All The Things' and getting some designs out there.
In anticipation of the #summersockskal - starting tomorrow onJune 15th I have been doing some planning this weekend. It runs until 15th September which gives me 8 weeks in which to crank out some serious sock mileage. On a happy note, anything I finish before mid Aug will also count for my Stash Dash total - win!
First up we have a long term WIP - Halloween socks - a special custom dye last year from Michelle of Berry Colorful Yarnings. Let's just say that the season caught up with my last year - but this year I shall have natty, seasonally appropriate socks.
These are just 60st tube socks into which I will put an afterthought heel and I already have most of the first sock completed, so this should be a quick win.
Continuing the WIP theme I also have a partially completed tube sock in the celebrated Mind The Gap colourway by indie dyer Trailing Clouds. I should love everything about this project but for some reason I keep stalling on it. Time to plough on and get some progress made.
My husband is madly in love with his recent Robin redbreast socks and has let it be known that more stripy socks would be gratefully received. I happen to have two more skeins from The Knitting Swede which deserve to be freed from my stash. And besides, I bought them at last years Fibre East. It would be nice to have knitted them before I restock this year.
The grey stripe is probably the better option for DH and the blue and pink stripe might make some great Espresso Macchiato socks for me.
Also I need to reknit my Green Gable sock pattern for an upcoming event and the perfect yarn just came my way courtesy of Quarter 2 from The Golden Skein. As not everyone has received their parcels I won't post a picture but suffice to say that the colour is perfect for it (although - as some of us have pointed out - it does evoke quite strong memories of school uniform jumpers for some of us).
A sock design for Fluph Yarns and also an upcoming pattern - Fickle Steps - complete the lineup.
So, 7 pairs in 8 weeks? No problem.


On second thoughts - maybe I should just order a few more pairs of needles.