On balance...finding it and keeping it.

There is no denying that the past few weeks have been busy, chaotic and somewhat disrupted by illness. In the midst of all this I have kept my eye very firmly on Unravel - the knitting and craft festival held in Farnham on 19th and 20th February. I was planning to go on the Friday and it was to be my treat, my little bit of me time and yes, let's be honest some much needed retail therapy.

This week is also the school half term holiday in the UK and as a mother who has a day job as well as a growing design business I have to use school holiday clubs in order to meet all my obligations. And herein lies the dilemma.

My children hate the holiday club. They would much rather be hanging out at home but as they are aged 9 and 10, if I'm not home, then they can't be either. I know that they hate it but they understand it and, for the most part have accepted it and we always try to do something special on my day off, to spend time together and do something fun.

This week however, events have conspired against me and I need to work extra hours. I could still go to Unravel but then my boys would have spent all week in the holiday club without a 'mummy day'.

I am lucky that my boys are still at an age where they do want to spend time with me. In a few short years they will be teenagers - with all the moody angst that comes along with it. Right now they are smart and funny little dudes and (generally) I really do enjoy spending time with them. Quality time with them is few and far between and most of our daily interactions involve me nagging and chivving them through our daily routines. Holidays should be a time to kick back a little and let go of the routine but for me, and many other working parents that isn't really an option.

And so, I have decided this year that retail therapy can wait until Edinburgh - it isn't as if I don't have yarn in my stash already. Yes - it would have been lovely to meet up with knitting friends and make new ones but I can't do everything. And if these last few weeks have taught me one thing it is that I am not Superwoman. I could still go to Unravel but then other aspects of my life would suffer and I would probably embark on the weekend tired, frazzled, guilt-laden (and skint).

So I choose the simpler version instead: a chilled out day at home with Minecraft, country walks and an attempt to knit my way through enough stash to justify my purchases at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.