Well, here we are are on January 1st, 2017. All set and ready to go for the first of my daily blog posts this month. Fortunately I have hot coffee and am currently holed up in a cosy lakeland cottage with my small and slightly bonkers family to keep me company.

Today sees the start of my first Everyday Knitter monthly challenge too - and this month we are focusing on brioche knitting. I was up bright and early this morning - one advantage of staying in on New Years Eve and playing board games with the kids - so I made a start on my first brioche project. It is going pretty well so far but I don't want to jinx things. So I will keep quiet and move on.

I don't normally make a lot of New Years resolutions but this year has seen some fairly big ups and downs and I'm grateful for these quiet few days, alone with my boys to take stock of events and to formulate an action plan for the coming year. Tucked up here in our favourite part of the world, everyday life seems a long way away and it's easy to have lots of good intentions which quickly evaporate when faced with the harsh reality of our normal, busy routine.

One thing which I do want to get into the habit of is setting aside 15 minutes every morning just for me. To sit and knit before doing anything else and certainly before turning on any news or social media. Just a few minutes, just me, my knitting and my coffee is a great way to start the day and if it helps me finally finish a few long term projects, then so much the better.