Little by little

Now, the snippet I am about to share with you is hardly ground breaking in any way. It is not some super clever tip or incredibly nifty short cut. It is simple common sense, but yet for some reason it has been a revelation to me this week.

If you pick a given project and actively work on it for at least 15 minutes a day - you make progress on it. Who would have thought?

Now I know you are probably rolling your eyes at me and thinking 'doh'!!! but bear with me. As a chronic multitasker and self confessed cast-on addict I often have multiple WIPs scattered around the house in various states of being unfinished. In addition I have a number of commissions on the go which mean that my personal knitting time is in increasingly short supply. When I do get some downtime I tend to grab the WIP that is closest and the end result is that each WIP gets a little bit of attention during the week but not enough to make a visible difference. Some WIPs, especially those where a crucial stage has been reached (such as needing a different needle) have a habit of falling through the cracks completely and sitting unnoticed and unloved for weeks at a time.

This week I opted for a different approach and used my Foolproof Cowl as my go-to WIP. Every day I carted it around the house with me (or threw it in the back of the car) and every time I had a bit of free time I whipped it out and did a few rows. This required a bit of dedication to the cause I have to admit as, due to the nature of the stripes (and my unwillingess to cut the yarn and sew in the ends) some untangling was usually required.

But, I made considerable progress just during those odd moments and by Friday this week I hope to be triumphantly casting off.

If you wanted to adopt the same principle this would make a great 31 day challenge. My blog post on my own 31 day challenge contains the link to a free printable download - in case you wanted to play along at home. If you do decide to give it a go do let me know how you get on - I'd love to know.