I can resist anything..except temptation

As Oscar Wilde once said, I can resist anything except temptation

For weeks now I've been seeing fabulous shawls being planned on Instagram for the Find Your Fade pattern. An elongated asymmetrical shawl which uses a number of fabulous speckled yarns which play against each other to great effect. There has been lots of plotting and planning about colours especially since several of the colours at the beginning call for less than 40g of yarn - making it an ideal stash buster project. 

So I have resisted and resisted as I have Far Too much On...but then of course I caved. But, me being me I decided to change things up a little. I decided that I wanted an all garter stitch version  (the Find Your Fade pattern has textured panels that I didn't care for). Also I'm not a fan of working the type of decrease the pattern calls for.

So in the end I cast on for a different shape- I'm aiming for an asymmetric crescent - but I will still be using some beautiful speckled-ish yarns from my stash which I hope will work really well together. By necessity this will be a longer term project because of the aforementioned Work but it should be a nice relaxing garter stitch project to pull out whenever the going gets tough over the next few weeks.

I'll keep you posted.