In my head

Rusty Ferret Doll 4ply sock yarn

Rusty Ferret Doll 4ply sock yarn

In my head this is already the most fabulous pair of socks. I can envision exactly how they will look, the type of heel and the smooth stocking stitch on the sole and toe will look amazing in this slightly semi solid yarn.

All I have to do is actually knit them and write the pattern. Sounds simple but so many times what is in my head doesn't translate to the finished item. Either the stitch count won't work out as I need it to or the yarn and pattern fight with each other. Or sometimes, for no good reason it just looks wrong.

Such are the perils of designing but also of knitting in general. All too often we start off a fresh project with such excitement, already picturing ourselves wearing the most fabulous finished garment. About a third of the way into the project though things can be very different. We worry about gauge and the texture of the fabric, maybe we aren't happy with some element of the construction or we start to question whether we really need a lime green bulky yarn cardigan in our lives. In short, there is often a mismatch between our excitement at the start of a project and the reality of said project once it starts to take shape.

But as knitters we have control over what we produce. We can stop and assess - or flinging it into a corner is also a good option. There is nothing wrong with ripping back and starting again - and as a designer that's something I've had to get used to.

A stiff gin helps with the frogging process though