Thinking ahead

I have to admit that I am really enjoying the process of blogging a little every day. And I'm starting to enjoy my morning ritual of coffee (always coffee) and sitting down to write before the rest of the house wakes up. Just 15 minutes of peace alone with my thoughts  (and coffee) to write about whatever is on my knitty mind is a really great start to the day.

As the end of January approaches I'm not sure whether to keep up with the daily posts or not but I'm also thinking about my next monthly challenge.

I really enjoyed the brioche challenge especially all the camaraderie and friendship over on the Everyday Knitter Facebook group. I'd love to keep the momentum going with a new challenge although there is absolutely no pressure and I'm more than happy for people to pick their own challenge or to continue with the brioche.

I think a sock related challenge could be great fun - lots of people would class themselves as sock beginners and would like to start to build their skills. More experienced sock knitters could challenge themselves with a new technique. Or the stash busters amongst us could challenge themselves to use their oldest skein of sock yarn or join in with the seasonal #knityellowsocks theme that will shortly be starting up again.

For myself I have a new sock class that I am putting together so my challenge would be to finely hone it and work on my sock samples for it. For those keen to know it is a 'knit socks 2 at a time, one inside the other' class. Although I really need to come up with a slicker title than that. 

I'd love to hear what your views are on the next monthly challenge. Please leave a comment here or on the Facebook group and let me know. I'm keen to build a community that supports and challenges its members but I don't want it to be too pushy or stress inducing. We are all at different stages in our knitting journey and I want to be mindful of that.