The weekend whips around again

Garter stitch in Cumbria DK from The Fibre Co.

Garter stitch in Cumbria DK from The Fibre Co.

My weeks seem to whizz past at the speed of light at the moment and before I know it Saturday morning is here again.

This weekend we are all down with a cold (again). Nothing serious but it gives us a good excuse to light the fire, pull up the drawbridge and hunker down for the weekend with good food and films.

I'm not sure I've got the hang of the whole Hyyge thing but I think our version is going to be pretty spot on this weekend.

I plan on doing a fair bit of knitting and apart from my sock designs my other commission has temporarily stalled whilst I await deliver of some particularly special yarn.

So it's time to pull out this simple garter stitch shawl and make some serious progress on it I think. After a few weeks in the WIP basket I think it's finally ready to tell me what it wants to be.

Whatever you're up to the weekend - I hope you manage to squeeze in some knitting too.