Big plans

Blossom has big plans for the day. And by big I mean mainly sleeping, grooming and a little light napping. She was thrilled to bits to discover a snazzy new blanket on the bed this morning. The fact that it is only a small blanket corner is neither here nor there it is clearly worthy of further inspection. 

I would dearly love to stay here too. A second cup of coffee has been consumed and the house is just starting to wake up around me. Time to move and get my jobs done for the day but despite Blossom's best attempts the blanket will be rolled away and will come with me. There will be enough cat hair integrated into this project during its lifetime without adding any more at this stage.

I know full well that by the time I come back to this spot later this afternoon Blossom will have barely moved- except for the aforementioned light grooming. In my next life I'd like to come back as a cat please. Or maybe I'll wait until cats have evolved opposable thumbs first. Not sure I could deal with all that napping without a little knitting to break it up.