Saying goodbye

Today seems the perfect time to wear one of my favourite pairs of socks I've ever made. Simple toe-up socks with a fish lips kiss heel and made from yarn from an outstanding indie dyer.

Today is the funeral for our friend Heather aka Sparkleduck. Appropriately enough for such a big Star Wars fan, on May 4th. I was lucky enough to meet Heather at shows and events over the years and we both shared the same LYS - The Sheep Shop in Cambridge.

Visiting the shop was always a great treat but made even more so by the wall of gorgeous Sparkleduck which greeted you when you walked in. Rifling through my stash after Heather passed away I was struck by how little of her yarn I had. And then I realised that was because I have most of it away. Sparkleduck yarn was always reserved for special gifts because, Well, it was special.

Whilst the news of Heathers sudden passing has shocked us all I take a lot of comfort in knowing that her work will continue to spread happiness and joy for many years to come. As knitters, dyers and other creative folk the work that we do lives on long after we do. Cherished blankets and shawls provide a tangible link between the past and present in a way that other material goods cannot. People years from now will still be treasuring the things we make today and that is such a warm and happy thought. 

So, on this difficult day why not take a few minutes to work on something special and weave a few positive thoughts and happy memories into it as you go. In years to come you never know who might find comfort and happiness in it.