Thanking your past self

Some times you just have to stop and give your past self a pat on the back for a job well done. A few days ago I had finished up a bunch of projects and had collected a surprising amount of empty needles. Casting around for something else to work on, none of my long term WIPs was calling to me. I felt restless and in dire need of a fresh new project to work on.

Then by chance, in my WIP basket I came across a brand new project - all shiny and ready to go. I had picked out some beautiful yarn a few weeks ago (from West Green Loft Yarns) and decided to make a Knit Me shawl. I thought it would be the perfect project to take with me to Blogtacular but then I totally forgot to take it with me.

So there it was, the first couple of set up rows already done, and I even had a little marker attached to mark the right side. I could just grab the bag, grab my coffee and go.

It may be a simple thing but it totally made my day.