For want of a scale.

Yes of course. I always make copies notes on a pattern I'm knitting. That way when I leave it under the bed for 6 months I know exactly where to start from when I pick it up again. I wish!
Someday, maybe I'll learn to do this. But for now I've just lost an hour of my life sorting it out, thinking I knew where I was, then ripping back to start again where I actually was. Sigh!

It really is a lovely pattern though. Very wearable and I've no idea why I abandoned it for so long. Then of course as I knit further and get my mind back into the project I remember. The second skein of grey yarn (Baby Elephant colourway from The Uncommon Thread) is quite a bit lighter than the first skein I've already used most of. Striping it in won't be a problem I don't think but I needed to make sure I left enough to also stripe it in for the sleeves too. 

And for want of a digital scale ( my old ones broke last year) this poor project has sat unloved for many months. It only took a few minutes to whip out my old scales and wind off 10g for the sleeves.

Now I'm back on track and motoring down the waist shaping.

And yes, in case you are wondering, this does mean that my Windswept sweater is if they needles. It is currently blocking in a secure cat free location - photos to follow shortly. For a triumphal FO Friday post no less.