Not just pretty nails

To the casual observer this is just a pretty shot of some yarn and a frivolous and fun manicure, but to me it's so much more. To me it represents everything I love about our wonderful and warm online community.

The Jamberry nails were bought from an online friend - Natasha (@coxabey on IG) who I've never met (yet) in real life but we share a love of yarn, fibre and funky nails. The bag was bought from another friend - Gem of Little Grey Girl - who I got to know online and then in real life and who now is a partner in crime when it comes to yarn shopping and hanging out in hipster bars.

Vykky of West Green Loft Yarns - is a newly discovered indie dyer for me and I've yet to meet her in person but as with so many people in the knitting community I just know that we would get on like the proverbial house on fire. 

We all have a shared love of fibre and crafts and in these peculiar and rather stressful times there is something rather lovely about being able to seek refuge in my little woolly corner of the internet. The online knitting community is a warm and wonderful place and just occasionally I wonder at how my life has changed since I first picked up knitting needles and discovered online knitting forums, and then of course Ravelry when it first started. It's certainly a lot more colourful and a lot more fun and every day I'm grateful for it and the yarny friends I've met there.