Until the end of time

The rational part of my brain tells me that I'm almost done. That just 15" of stocking stitch in the round (and a bit of ribbing) is all that stands between myself and a finished Breathing Space sweater.

My knitters brain points out that between the narrow stripes, the frequent colour changes and the endless untwisting of both sweater and yarn - I'm going to be knitting this sweater until the end of time. Or until hell freezes over. At least I'll be glad of a warm are when it does.

Sleeves truly are my nemesis and next time I firmly resolve to knit them first once I've separated for the body. In truth I would have done this in this project except for the fact that I was worried about striping in the 2nd skein of grey as it was quite different to the other. Well that, and the fact that I forgot to.

The thought of boosting my stash dash total really is the only thing keeping me going at the minute. Well, that and cake. Please send tips for how you see deal with sleeve island. 

Snacks would be nice too 😀