Be all there


I don't remember where it was that I first came across this quote from the missionary Jim Elliot but I've found myself coming back to it more and more in recent weeks. It serves a reminder that sometimes we just need to focus on one thing and really enjoy it, rather than trying to do too many things at once.

I write every day, I love writing and I love writing about knitting so that naturally translates into writing here about my daily life, my knitting and my passions. As a card carrying introvert though, when things start to get a little sticky my natural inclination is to withdraw from the outside world. I still write every day but the words never see the light of day. I chose to keep them to myself rather than share something which is a little bit more downbeat and a little bit more personal than the stuff I usually choose to share.

I know that we can't always be relentlessly cheerful and indeed there is no expectation to be so - other than the expectations we place on ourselves.

But recent weeks found me increasingly unable to do everything I wanted to do and I was guilty of the eternal problem of trying to do everything, to please everyone and to be everywhere - all at the same time.

Fortunately, my ever loving husband is getting pretty good at intervening now and he saw the signs of a bit of a melt down before I did. As a result we changed our plans and decided not to go to Yarndale. Instead we still headed north but just to visit family and to spend time offline.

It never fails to amaze me what a difference a change of scenery makes. A chance for some fresh air, country walks and the sight of hills and stone walls. I live in the south of England but I was born and raised in the North and there is something really welcoming and about coming home and reconnecting to a landscape and a scenery that makes you feel at peace again.

So, this week it's back to normal. Lots on the needles and lots to write about but this time with a few self imposed rules to help me stay on track. No phone after 9pm and a proper bedtime routine being the key things. It's funny but they are things I'm so insistent that our kids do - but yet I don't apply the same rules to myself. And then I wonder why they are bright eyed and bushy tailed whilst I'm steaming my eyelids open over a cup of coffee.

So, if you "see" me on Twitter after 9pm you have my full permission to give me a gentle telling off.