This is why we have WIPs - the case for project polygamy

2019-09-18 10.12.17 1.jpg

Oftentimes we feel compelled to reduce our WIP count or to defend our many (many) unfinished objects. We make lists, we feel guilty and we lament our lack of willpower in casting on All The Things.

But today, for a chance I would like to present the defence for project polygamy.

After a long day at work I come home feeling tired, stressed and emotional. Dealing with peri-menopause, a house, kids and a job can leave even the perkiest of people feeling a bit steamrollered and I don’t mind saying that the current political shenanigans are doing absolutely nothing for my mental health right now.

In months gone by I would have, in all honesty declared it to be Wine O’Clock and had a glass or two. But now I’m no longer drinking that isn’t an option, and so I resorted to cleaning off some accumulated clutter from the kitchen table. Imagine my joy when I unearthed a small project bag and found a sock toe - all cast on and ready to knit. I think I had prepared this project back before my summer holiday to be my airplane knitting (and then left it behind in a packing oversight). Either way I was so grateful to find this simple, no-thought-required project that I nearly cried.

My eldest son brought me a cup of tea, my youngest carted off the worst of the kitchen table clutter and I was able to sit and just knit. No thinking needed. It’s a simple thing but sometimes a small sock toe and a cup of tea (plus boy hugs) are exactly what you need.