A belated start to Socktober


It seems as though every blog post I start recently has something to do with time flying, or lack of time. And true to form here I am sliding in, slightly breathless into the second day of every knitters favourite month - Socktober.

There isn’t an official KAL that I know of but since when did dedicated sock knitters need any excuse to dig through their stash and cast on for a new sock project.

These autumn-inspired scrappy socks have been on my needles for a week or two so I’m making a determined effort to get them finished and then see how many pairs I can polish off during the month. DIY self stripe socks have become something of an obsession of mine over recent months. There is something very satisfying about being able to use up the smallest of scraps from your leftovers. If you haven’t seen it already, I use the Clasped Weft Join for this which is great fun and makes joining in new yarns an absolute breeze.

Thrillingly we have also experienced some cold mornings in my part of the UK. It’s always a slightly smug feeling, as a knitter, when you can pull on some warm woollen items to make your walk to work, toasty warm. You might of course be boiling hot by lunchtime but that’s another problem altogether. With the cold mornings in mind I knit up a larger, wrappable version of my Coffee Break Cowl using 2 skeins (rather than 1) worsted weight yarn. I was really surprised at how quickly it knit up and it has just the right amount of length. Enough to wrap around the neck once, without giving you that strangling feeling.




October really seems to have crept up on me this year and I can't quite believe we are in to Socktober already. Particularly bad planning on my part as I have 2 shawl patterns on the needles and an alpaca cardigan to finish.

I can't leave the day unmarked though so I'll be raiding my stash and casting on a new pair before the day is out. Even if they don't get finished for a while at least they will be on the needles.

Over on the Everyday Knitter Facebook group our monthly challenge is of course related to socks. There are a few sock novices who will be taking the plunge with their very first pair, as well as more experienced sock knitters who are setting themselves all manner of fun challenges. A tiny bit of my brain (the bit that is wildly over enthusiastic and fuelled by coffee) thought about trying to knit as many pairs as I could this month. Then, thankfully the more rational bit of my brain pointed to the aftermentioned knitting pile in progress and suggested that this might not be one of my better ideas.

Anyway, whatever your level of sock expertise I do hope you'll pop over to the group to join in. Even if you just lurk I hope you will pick up lots of ideas for inspiration and share our love for the way of the handknit sock.