Mini skeins and mini eggs


The title neatly sums up my plans for the rest of the weekend. After a busy day of teaching and domestic stuff yesterday today is a day for relaxing with two of my favourite things - yarn and chocolate. I also get to watch the rugby too which is always an added bonus

The Everyday Knitter Facebook group is having a sock yarn mini swap and I am swapping yarn with two lovely ladies. Today I am planning to rootle through my sock yarn stash in its entirety and wind off yarn for them. I also need to take stock of my ever expanding collection of left over self striping sock yarn and come up for a cunning plan for what to do with it. I'm trying to keep my sock yarn blanket restricted to my more muted solid and semi solid yarns but that leaves me with a lot of my less subtle yarns still to deal with.

I did think of a crochet Granny- stripe style blanket but then all the ones I really admire are in subtle, muted colours and my self stripe might produce a slightly more ‘colourful’ effect. I think I may need to indulge a little in my third favourite activity as well and have experience a good browse of Ravelry for some good old fashioned inspiration.

If I go quiet for a few days, send help. I'll probably be submerged under a sea of mini skeins.