Avoid twisting your cuffs

Even though I am normally a die hard toe-up girl I do recognise that there are times when a cuff down sock is preferred. Sometimes a design works out better that way and sometimes people, despite my best efforts at persuasion will still insist on preferring a cuff down approach.

And when I teach beginner sock knitters, cuff down is usually the way I start.

Today's little tip is designed to make life easier for anyone who is new to sock knitting or anyone else for that matter who hates ribbing as much as I do.

Sock tip #4 Start off your sock cuff flat and then join.

Ribbing is bad enough but trying to do it whilst juggling unfamiliar tiny needles and working in the round is just too much.

I normally advise casting on the total number of stitches for your sock - say 64 - onto 1 DPN (or 1 needle if you are using magic loop). Work 2 rounds of rib and then join to knit in the round. This makes it so much easier to obey the next crucial instruction which always follows that statement ' being careful not to twist'.

I'm sure no one ever intentionally twisted a sock cuff - fairly sure that mobius socks aren't a 'thing' - but when you only have 1 row of newly cast on stitches it's easily done.

Having 2 rows of rib already established makes the process a lot less stressful and you can easily divide the cuff stitches onto your needles and continue the rib in the round.